Today it is not difficult to start an online shop but it is also not easy to run it successfully, get your goal or maintain in long term. Woocommerce vs Opencart are powerful e-commerce platforms and contain many advantages that merchants need for their online store. However we should have a clear information to make decision of whether running a store on Woocommerce or Opencart.

Woocommerce vs Opencart – Pricing

One of the advantages of these e-commerce platforms is that both Woocommerce vs Opencart can be download and use permanently for free. They provides many features and shows their high flexibility. And for free use, they are really a popular choice of many users, about 3.5 million Woocommerce sites and nearly 500,000 ones of Opencart. It means you can enjoy a large community and get a lot of helpful tips from here.

However, like other open source, you need to pay hosting fee with the average of $10/month. You can find many providers cheaper or more expensive depending on your plan, target or purpose.


Search Engine Optimization brings traffic, or visitors in other words to your store. Therefore something that will optimize your online store for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo is really necessary.

OpenCart allows you to adjust meta titles, descriptions, and other keywords helping you to attract shoppers. However, to smoothly operate this function, you are encouraged to learn a little technical skill. It’s not easy to approach but possible to bring you positive result.

WooCommerce has access to extensions and plugins to help with SEO. It’s still reasonably intuitive if you’re familiar with WordPress CMS. SEO here is only limited by your imagination. As your skills grow, your features will only get better. Expert found that SEO in Woocommerce can be considered among the best. And the number  3.5 million live sites and more users newly switching their store to it has proven that Woocommerce is worth your investment.


You won’t have to worry about some users getting blocked. Both systems offer full integration for Mac and Windows, plus a host of other web-based devices. You can also work with common payment gateway such as PayPal and Stripe. Plus, both work with a variety of shippers including FedEx and UPS.

One thing WooCommerce has is mobile integration with iPhone and iPad. If many of your target users are surfing on their phones, this one may be the way to go.

So when it comes to this aspect, Woocommerce is winner.

They are 3 main aspects that you should know. If you want to know how your items are organized from Opencart to Woocommerce store, you can Try Free Demo.

Woocommerce vs Opencart comparision

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