Why Woocommerce is the best Opencart Alternative

Opencart is considered among the best platform for E-commerce sites. It’s responsible, wide range of feature and quite rich extension and add on. However, many people still find some inconvenience when running their store on Opencart, such as, code for customization, cost for support, slow-down page and so on. And they look for other solutions as way of maintaining their online business activity in long term. And many merchants have found Woocommerce as the best Opencart alternative. Everything happens for a reason. Let see why store choose Woocommerce over Opencart.



Woocommerce is well-known as the best plugin of WordPress, a powerful open source platform which can be used for free and dominates the E-commerce market with more than 3.5 million live websites. The community comes with millions of members and a lot helpful tips for you. The support team has done responsive work and you can find answers for your question regarding troubles of using Woocommerce quickly. In general, this support is one of the key which helps maintain your business activity in long run because you cannot wait for days or pay for support (like Opencart) for every problem that should be solved by provider very soon.

Here is why Woocommerce has became not only Opencart alternative but also other platforms.


Security and Updates for website

Since, WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins and open-source, updates are frequent and effortless. The popularity drives constant improvements and updates. Open-source applications tend to improve much faster and more responsive in features, security, and options. As mentioned, Woocommerce is a plugin of WordPress which itself is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). This further provides frequent and consistent updates in features and security for websites and shopping carts.


Payment Gateway

If you’re going to offer payment choices beyond on-site credit card payments, this plugin is a key tool. It’s setup approximately 120 different payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Payments and so on. This is flexible for your customer when they can purchase and check out easily on your store.


Great Flexibility

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of WooCommerce for newcomers to e-commerce is that merchants using the platform can exercise a lot of flexibility with their products without having to know the technical side of things too much.

Products can be classified, given sales prices, independent attributes and more. In addition, WooCommerce stores are able to sell physical, virtual, downloadable and even affiliated / external products.

They are the key reasons why Woocommerce has became the best Opencart alternatives.

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Woocommerce the best opencart alternative


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