Many people using Magento are looking for a data transfer to another platform due to its complication of use and manage. And they consider Woocommerce as the best Magento alternative for their online business activity.

The reason why Woocommerce has become the best Magento alternative

WooCommerce is no doubt a great plugin for WordPress and is actually the most used eCommerce platform with more than 3.5 million users. It is a super useful tool because it is actually a plugin to WordPress so that you can use the benefits of WordPress and the additional eCommerce capabilities of WooCommerce. WooCommerce itself is a pretty lightweight eCommerce platform so it’s great for simpler eCommerce sites that also have a large content need.


  • A plugin to WordPress which has 26 million users. So Woocommerce inherits the advantages of WordPress such as, add ons, extension, quick support or ease of use.
  • Typically lower cost of ownership
  • Easy to get started with
  • Lower learning curve
  • Works well with content focused sites that can leverage WordPress CMS capabilities
  • A large number of themes to choose from
  • Great for sites selling content like eBooks, podcasts, etc
  • Many free plugins available
  • Cheaper to host in most cases
  • Largest open source community and user base of any platform


You are an ambitious eCommerce site that has a large catalog, complex requirements, B2B eCommerce requirements, or any other major custom eCommerce feature? Magento is quite a better fit. But it does not mean that Woocommerce cannot deal with these requirements. It can satisfy all users and of course, no e-commerce platform is outstanding in all aspects. Moreover, for content-heavy sites, WooCommerce will be a better choice. The content will play an important role in your marketing campaign, attracting more shoppers and improve your reputation.

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