For any business owner looking for a suitable online store, you can start from the ground and work your way up with Magento. It’s free with the Community Edition which comes with full e-commerce capabilities. All online stores built on Magento are responsive for user experience, meaning they can render to fit any device size for your customers. Furthermore, there are also a number of “out-of-the-box” features as well as extensions can be added to extend your store performance. The latest Magento version offers the most newly-updated functionalities. The team has carefully programmed and planned in order to make the experience offered to users that much more beneficial. Let’s see what are the top advantages of making the latest Magento version worth your consideration.

Friendlier Admin Panel

Many people concern about using Magento because it looks less friendliness in comparison with other platforms. However, unlike Magento 1, the admin panel in Magento 2 is much more user-friendly and intuitive. Moreover, you can customize the admin interface based on your needs so you can access all important information faster. You will find it much effortless when creating a product or managing your site.

latest magento version

Improved speed and performance

Experts estimate that the new Magento could run 20% faster than its predecessor. This makes your store much more optimized for sales and for search engines. Besides, it has significantly increased the speed of downloading pages of the store. Therefore both users and shopper are much more active in selling and shopping with a high response rate. Also, the latest Magento version enhances its indexers and now requires the latest Mysql version 5.6 for extra speedy query processing, which made it possible to provide better scalability in addition to performance.

Faster Checkout

The checkout process is much smoother and simplified compared to Magento 1. Making checkout as simple as possible is vital in having high conversion rates and getting the most from your site.

Boost your Sales with Personalised Experiences

The latest Magento version enables personalized experiences for consumers. The platform will promote product recommendations that customers are likely interested in. And then it will put the right products based on factors like gender, location, history of purchases items, etc in front of customers. This strongly rouses purchase and pushes your sales.

Search and filtering also makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they want. It can help customer save effort in finding some item and they will feel much easier in shopping. Those improvements are an important key in gaining customer loyalty.

Mobile responsive

Nowadays, your online store must work well on mobile devices too, not only on the desktop. That is why Magento 2 comes with mobile responsiveness feature in its core. It not only has responsive themes, but it also comes with a mobile-friendly checkout system and integrated video feature. Even the admin panel already touchscreen friendly, so you can easily manage your store from your smartphone or tabs.


Finally, we also believe that Magento with its incredible improvements will effectively and strongly push the growth of your store. We highly recommend you upgrade to the latest Magento version to enjoy those benefit.


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