Upgrade to magento 2 or not

Should I Upgrade to Magento 2 or Not?

It’s been nearly two years now since the first version of Magento 2 was launched. For online stores are using Magento 1 platform, the most important question in their mind is “Whether I should upgrade to Magento 2 or not?”

Although many current users have upgraded, there are still a lot of user is yet to upgrade. Those who have not upgraded yet still wonder what benefits of Magento 2 vs Magento 1, how to upgrade , ….

So today I will clarify this question through 3 ideas: Upgrade considerations, benefits of Magento 2 and its disadvantages as well.

Let’s jump into it!


1. Upgrade to Magento 2 considerations

Before making a decision whether upgrade your magento store or not, make sure that you fully understand 4 things below:

1.1 Core differences between upgrade series

One thing for sure is that the new version has changed a lot from the old version. Not only functions, interface but also how to use.

So that before the upgrade, you should clarify the difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2. One way I suggest to you is to view this article: Key Differences Between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

1.2 Custom code compatibility with Magento 2 version

Of course, one of great importance is matching with custom code when go to update. If core files are overwritten, the effort will be greater.

1.3 Data migration

Almost eCommerce websites are stored a large of information include customers, orders, products, manufactures and other data. Someone who wants to upgrade your current Magento store, he absolutely needs to migrate those data too.

In that case, you have to choose the tools that help you switch the data too before upgrading.


2. Benefits when you upgrade to Magento 2

There are various benefits to upgrade to Magento 2, these are:

2.1 Better Performance

According to a new report, one buyer tends to leave out a website if the time of page load is too long. With innovation of technology, Magento runs faster average 20% than Magento 1.

Magento 2 had been setting with proper hosting, so it is available to deliver nearly prompt response times for catalog browsing. Moreover, now it can manage about 10 million page views per hour, completely superior to the Magento platform 1.9 and 1.14 with only 500,000 page views

2.2 Improved interface

Magento 2 was designed to be more friendly interaction for its user than precious versions.

Administrators can customize the admin panel so that important business information can be accessed quickly.


Magento 2 admin interface currently includes both drag-and-drop layout editing. That means it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to modify an online store’s appearance.

2.3 Maintenance and upgrade

New modular code base of Magento 2 was upgraded and improved a lot than previous. A major problem of magento 1.x is that many extensions conflict with each other. That’s completely improved with magento 2.x! Besides, maintenance is also simpler, you can save time and money a lot.

2.4 Mobile – friendly

Magento 2 has improved the mobile friendliness of your website. It comes with new responsively designed (and SEO-friendly) themes.

2.5 Community Support

While Magento Marketplace has been rapidly developing, Magento 1 is no longer supported by Magento Development Teams and its extension system was removed.

For more detailed information about “Benefits of upgrading to Magento 2.x”




3. Disadvantages when you upgrade to Magento 2.x

Above we discuss about advantages of Magento 2.x, it seems many users are steadily switching to Magento 2, there isn’t a huge rush of websites crossing over to the new platform.


First, Magento 2 extensions aren’t abundant yet.

Although the Magento 2 extensions are superior to Magento 1, it is not as plentiful as many expect. If a Magento 1 doesn’t see a Magento 2 version of their favorite extension, he is slowly transiting to Magento 2.x.

Adding cost of building custom extension

When switching to Magento 2, you want to add some enclosed extension like payment gateway extensions, visual merchandising extensions and various other things.

But when you switch these features to the new version, you’ll probably have to pay an amount of money.


After reading carefully my article, I think you have somewhat answered the question “Should upgrade your store or Not?”

If you are in a divided mind as to what to do, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!


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