Magento has been proven one of the best open-source e-commerce platforms. It not only combines comprehensive default features but also rich out-of-box extensions with competitive price. Moreover, Magento is really hard-working with its regular update. This will bring for users a better operation for their store and help them gain more benefit in online business.

Absolutely the latest Magento version always has a more good-looking interface. It also comes with features which are optimized and improved much more dominant in comparison with previous ones. The processing speed, search engine, marketing tools, and other functionalities have developed aiming to help your store work better and your sales grow faster. There are hundreds of reason to upgrade Magento store as you have known. However, if you are not a tech guy, here is the simplest way for you.

How can I prepare to upgrade Magento?

There are some ways to upgrade your Magento store. If you are confident of your tech skills, you can use the command-line to do this task. This method requires you to put your store in maintenance mode to avoid access to your store while it is upgraded. It means you have to close your store for a while, or in an unexpected case, for days or weeks and risks could happen. So you must be very careful when using this way.
upgrade Magento

To enable maintenance mode:

  • Log in to your Magento server as, or switch to, the Magento file system owner.
  • Enable maintenance mode:bin/magento maintenance:enable

For additional options, see Enable or disable maintenance mode.

However, if you Litextension Migration App, all you need to do is installing a Magento latest version store. It needs no template or design available in the new shop. Then you can upgrade Magento by moving all data from the old to the new one correspondingly without losing any entities. In other words, you will migrate your data to the new Magento site. Products, Customers, Orders, Categories, Languages, Customer Passwords, URLs and so on. Moreover, while running the migration, your store still works normally. Customers can visit, purchase and register a new account.

How can I do to upgrade Magento store?

If you like dealing with code, you can follow the structure at How to update Magento using composer. But once again, we highly advise you to be very careful. If you make any mistakes, your site will be corrupted.

If you prefer the easiest way which requires no technical and programming skill, you can perform these steps below.

Step 1. Registration

To use the app, all you need to do is register a new account by your email, Facebook or Google account for free on
After having an account, you can access to a migration page. Right here you can manage your migration task easily.

upgrade magento

Step 2. New Migration Creation

Just click Create New Migration. You are now on the first page of the process.

In this setup step, you choose Magento as Cart Type.

upgrade magento

Then click LitExtension Connector to download the connector, extract the zip file and upload connector to Magento Store’s root folder, both source and target. After that, back to your migration page, you will see the automated message “Connection was successfully installed” if you do it properly. You can see a detailed Connector Installation tutorial here.

Step 3. Entities Selection

Choose entities you want to migrate. You can select either all of them together or certain data, for example only Products, Customers and Orders. Litextension also provides Additional Options here to extend your migration possibilities.

magento 2 upgrade

You can match Languages, Order Status and Customer Group together, then they can play correspondingly in the new Magento store.

Step 4. Perform Migration

You can try the demo first or run full migration immediately.

  • To Try Demo: Start your demo migration with 20 entities limited. You will see the same actions as the actual migration. However, you can skip this step by clicking “Skip Demo Migration” button to immediately move forward to Full Migration.
  • To Perform Full Migration: Please click to “Skip Demo Migration” button to perform full migration immediately. Please wait during data is migrating, an email will be sent from LitExtension system after migration completed.

magento 2 upgrade

Now you have done the necessary steps to upgrade Magento store using LitExtension Migration App. It is easy, accurate and quick.

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to drop an email here


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