When you migrate entities of your e-commerce business from one platform to another, especially when it is related to the sale of physical goods, you will also need an entity called “invoice” go along with your migration.

So what is invoice and could it be transferred from the old store to your target store once there happens to be a need for migration? Read this article to find out.

What is invoice?

Invoice is a document sent to the buyer by the seller. This is a summary (or agreed to purchase) of all the goods and services purchased by the buyer. Invoice is a significant finance document. These are compulsory for a company that has supplied goods and services and either obtained or awaits payment.

There are various types of invoices, but they are generally as follows:

  • the date the invoice is issued
  • the name and address of the seller
  • the name and address of the buyer
  • the invoice number
  • the purchase order number
  • details and quantity of the goods and services provided
  • the agreed-upon prices
  • any discounts or taxes
  • the total amount that is due
  • transaction terms and conditions (optional)
  • payment due date

Migrate invoice

In that way, not only physical stores need to have invoices but also e-commerce stores. However, when it comes to migrating from one store to another, how do we – LitExtension, the top world shopping cart migration tool deal with it?

Before we jump at the process, bear in mind that in the arena of e-commerce platforms, invoice can be only switched from one store to another in these two migration processes: Prestashop to Prestashop and Magento to Magento.

Now let’s begin with Magento taken as an example (the process works the same in the case of Prestashop).

1. Create A LitExtension Account

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Many people migrate their store from OpenCart to Magento to achieve better growth from Magento advantages. The OpenCart Magento migration process can be much more complicated if you try to deal with code. However, the actual service is really simple. Because of the growth in needs from store owners all over the world, data migration providers have made it simpler and friendlier for users. After going through several simples steps, your store will be migrated…