Implementing a big transformation has never been easy. In business, many store owners are facing many problems with their current store. But they still concern about a transfer because they don’t know exactly whether the new store can benefit your sales. Prestashop is a powerful free open-source platform. However, in comparison with Magento about features both default and app store, Magento absolutely wins with its high flexibility. Let see what are the advantages of this platform when you move your store from Prestashop to Magento.


Magento is much more powerful in term of SEO when compared with not only Prestashop but also other Platform. It means that your store can be more easily found by customers. This advantage will increase the traffic to your store and push sales better.

Magento doesn’t require you to install any SEO-related extensions because the platform itself is already equipped with search-engine-friendly features. Users have full control to customize URLs, as well as edit page titles and meta description.

Prestashop to Magento for a larger Size of Business

Because Magento has Community (free) and Enterprise Edition so it can deal well with any business from small size to the large one. Magento covers the needs of the developers and online store owners who wish to grow further, as well as assist huge enterprises that strive for exclusive technical support and outstanding performance. At the same time, Prestashop is often recommended for small stores. Because it lacks some features to satisfy the needs of those who look for the gold support.


Magento’s architecture allows you to pretty much customize everything so you have full control over your online store. It’s open source so you get full control over the code and can develop any functionality you need. The platform truly demonstrates its open source quality when you have a website that fully functions. It allows users to develop their websites as they desire, using code and extensions to custom features and functionality (frontend, backend, marketing tools, themes, integration with third-party services, etc.) as previously mentioned. Even extensions can be customized for a better-performing store. Magento is suitable for all types of businesses, from products to services and from B2B to B2C.

Moreover, Magento also supports multistore and language. Nowadays, many big brands are running their business on this platform, such as Victoria Beckham, Nike, Christian Louboutin, Ford,…

So it will definitely generate huge benefits when moving from Prestashop to Magento. With the key advantages above, Magento will satisfy any users. Although you should learn a little technical skill to install it, it’s really worth your time. You can find its panel smart and highly friendly.

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