Are you planning the Prestashop Magento Migration but d on’t know it well. Don’t worry, here are the tips that you should know before running the full migration.

I’m not a tech guy. Can I perform Prestashop to Magento Migration?

Yes. The migration app is very easy to use because it has been made for all users. The Prestashop Magento Migration only requires you to provide your store URL. Then you can easily install their special module into your cart root folder by FTP protocol. The module will help your data to be moved accurately and work properly as each store specific structure.

After simply putting the module to root folder, all you need to do is hit next and complete your migration. There is no code or programming skill necessary.

What I can transfer from Prestashop to Magento?

This is a good question. The migration app cannot move all data from/to all platform due to restriction of providers. For example, you cannot migrate Customer account to Shopify or Bigcommerce, and from Shopify to Magento, it limits 100 variants only.

Fortunately, there is almost no limit for Prestashop Magento Migration. You can transfer all products, customers and their account, orders, categories, pictures, description images,… and other entities. So your store will work normally on Magento without changing contents inside.

Can I preserve my store rank?

SEO is the most important thing that all store owner care. Because this has a significant effect on your sales. If you lose your store rank, you will lose your position on google, waste a lot of money to develop your site once again. Besides, your old address will still appear on top google, but customers will meet 404 page not found error when clicking the link. This happens because all page URLs are not migrated and stored in the Magento. That’s why they don’t work.

Luckily, with the migration app, you can preserve your store rank by selecting an additional option called Migrate SEO. Entire URL will be moved and saved in Magento. Then all links will continue working normally without 404 error.

Now let try the free demo Prestashop Magento Migration!

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