Like the most people are beginning an online business, you absolutely consider which platform is better to sell your product through the internet.

Someone comes to an agency and pay for him to build All-in-one their website if money is not an important issue. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend an amount of money  for it and want to more control for when it comes to customizing your shop, your look towards to “Which is eCommerce Platform is better”.

There are more and more eCommerce Platforms can be compatible with your demand, two of them are PrestaShop and WooCommerce is so popular. So let me compare it via this article below.

1. PrestaShop and WooCommerce – Design Options

To be honest, the design is an important trait when choosing an eCommerce Platform. Someone has visited  your website, he leaves or stays strong depending on how your website’s design.

PrestaShop Design Options

PrestaShop offers numerous storefront enhancements which have played a big role in sprucing up the front end design options for their users. It also has large categories of extensions which not enhance the functionality in admin, SEO, security,… but also extremely beautiful the website design.

  • Theme: Available on the official website store with 1300+ themes, 390+ themes on ThemeForest and 1000+ Templates on Template Monster.
  • Implementation: Prestashop is built using the Smarty framework. So, if you know a little bit of HTML and CSS, you can crack the design on your own.
  • Mobile friendliness: Prestashop provides to you multiple options: responsible or mobile theme.

WooCommerce Design Options

If you come to the world of WooCommerce design, I gurantee that you will totally surprise by its diversity and beauty as well. WooCommerce was owned by WordPress, this means the WordPress Devs can integrate into any theme which you can select something to add to your store. I will detail it for you by the following sentences:

  • Theme: When we think of themes, our mind usually takes us to WordPress themes. But you can also look into marketplaces like ThemeForest. There are over 6000 themes designed for WordPress; almost every one of these can be modified to work with Woocommerce.
  • Implementation: The design style of WooCommerce can be fixed from within the theme itself, by paramount the plugins templates
  • Mobile friendliness: Almost all the Woocommerce themes are responsive now so in case you want to use a mobile version, you totally can do it.

2. What About Pricing?

WooCommerce and PrestaShop, are all Open Source eCommerce solution. Both of them come in two editions: as a cloud-based ecommerce system and as a downloadable platform. If you want more than the basic, PrestaShop and WooCommerce offer price for a theme, for a module as well as other extensions and updates. Let talk about that!

Prestashop and WooComerce - Pricing


As you can see, WooCommerce seems to be more reasonable pricing than PrestaShop. It costs you about 55$ for a theme, 35$ on Codecanyon and 110$ on the WooThemes official website (Avarage price for a module). And it is quite expensive with with the equivalent items of PrestaShop.

3. Documentation and training

WooCommerce – Docs and training

There is a hug of documentation available on the WooCommerce website. In general, WooCommerce and WordPress docs are very specular and easy to use. They provide almost every idea, error, or plugin can be found on Google within a few clicks. You can find every documentation on the WordPress Codex and at Woothemes docs too. The forum is very active, it help you find the answers to tricky questions very fast.

But the disadvantage of WooComerce is about Tranining docs. There is not any WooCommerce training Official. However, you should not worry because of huge community WooCommerce support that you can ask everything then get your best answer quickly. Other way is to try some courses on Udemy or Lynda about WooCommerce Training.

PrestaShop – Docs and Training

Realistically, the documentation of Prestashop is not very comprehensive. Although it has a large quantity of documentation available but it lacks some essential elements that can help developers and store owners to fix their problems faster. In addition, about SEO optimization, the forum may be not well as your expectation so be careful when posting a question.

But the competitive advantage of Prestashop is the training courses. It provides a series of official training courses for different levels of experience. But it is quite expensive, price range is from 800$ to 1000$.

That’s all about Prestashop and WooCommerce comparison. As long as you go with whichever one suits your needs the best, you’ll have made the right decision.

Which eCommerce Platform are you coming up? Please contact us soon about your choice.


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