Today, the data migration is no longer complicated with many advanced tools and services available in the Market. With about 3.5 million live website, Woocommerce is almost the most powerful e-commerce platform. Many people are considering a data transfer from Opencart to Woocommerce because they see many benefit from that migration. As mentioned above, the process of Opencart Woocommerce migration is not complicated and possible to be used by anyone. Here are the advantages that the transfer can bring for you.

Transfer all Products, Customers, Order, Categories and other entities easily

It is possible if you want to migrate all data. Many people think that Opencart and Woocommerce have totally specific structure, so it is difficult to move data between the two platform. But actually, the process is much easier than you imagine. Don’t be so hasty to pay much money for it.

Easily keep your store’s rank on Google

Normally, when you change the platform of your store, your Woocommerce store will lose pagerank because it’s totally new. The problem happens because each platform has its own way to generate URL of products and categories. It means new URLs have no rank on Google. So what happens to the old ones? They still exist and don’t change their position on Google in next short period after you Opencart to Magento migration (by time it can be changed if you site no longer works), the customer still see your old store, but when they click to it, they will meet 404 page not found error.

The solution for this is that you can keep store rank from Opencart to Woocommerce by two ways. You can use either rewrite (migrate and save your URL in Woocommerce and keep them work normally) or create 301 redirect (which will direct your customers from clicked old links to the new corresponding ones). By both ways, your site can continue working without damage on visitor chart and sales.

This is the major advantages that you can take from Opencart Woocommerce migration process.

Opencart Woocommerce migration

If it still concerns you about how your new store looks like, you can try Opencart Woocommerce migration demo FOR FREE


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