Many people migrate their store from OpenCart to Magento to achieve better growth from Magento advantages. The OpenCart Magento migration process can be much more complicated if you try to deal with code. However, the actual service is really simple. Because of the growth in needs from store owners all over the world, data migration providers have made it simpler and friendlier for users. After going through several simples steps, your store will be migrated and you can do it on your own.

However, there are a lot of notices that you should know before running Opencart Magento migration. The article is going to show you very useful tips.

What data can be migrated in Opencart Magento migration?

Because each platform will have its own structure and security, so sometimes, you can not migrate everything from source to target store. For example, from Woocommerce to Shopify, you cannot migrate the customer’s password, or Magento to Shopify, it limits 100 variants.

Fortunately, from OpenCart to Magento, you can migrate also everything necessary. Products, Customers, Customer accounts, Orders, Categories,… You can find your migration process quick and highly convenient.

Can Images be transferred?

The answer is yes. In the migration with CSV files, or some platform which supports migrating only one picture. However, OpenCart Magento migration can migrate all pictures by default. This will save your effort in editing products and keep them look the same as old store. You will not need to choose or pay for this option because this is a default feature.

Can I preserve all IDs?

You can preserve the ID. But due to the limitation of the specific structure of both platforms, you can keep only IDs of customer and order. The Magento will use its own way to generate new IDs for your products.

How can I map languages?

You can do it easily. In step 2 of the migration, you only need to select corresponding languages from Opencart to Magento. Then your data will display properly on your new store.

Do I have to migrate products, customers, and orders together?

You can select what you want to migrate. Only products, customers and orders or all of them together. However, if you intend to migrate all entities, we highly recommend you to move all data in one time. Then the connection between products, customers, and orders will be preserved perfectly. If you separate your migration, the connection will disappear, although your data still play properly on the Magento site.

If you want to perform Opencart Magento migration, you can try the free demo here with 20 entities limited.

OPencart Magento Migration


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