OpenCart and Magento have confronted each other for many years in the E-commerce market. They are both popular e-commerce platforms and heavy hitters in the industry. These e-commerce platforms are both used by major vendors and boast a lot of benefits. Still, each one is different, and each offers slightly different advantages to sellers.

Ease of use

They are both open source platforms so if you should know the basic technical knowledge to operate them well.

In this aspect, OpenCart may be a little easier. However, with effort for your Magento installation, you can find its panel smart, professional and friendly to use.


The availability of extension becomes an important factor while making a choice about the platform for web development. Extensions allow greater features and functions to the customers when they visit your site. The extensions on a platform for web development are features that are not readily available by default but compatible with it. Although both Opencart and Magento allow a great number of extensions, the number of add-ons available for Magento store is more than those that are allowed on OpenCart. Thus, if you would like to go the extra mile for your customers, then Magento 2 would be your best choice as a web development platform.


This is one of the main areas where we can see a deep difference between OpenCart and Magento.

Magento is a high ranking platform for search engine friendliness, with countless options for search engine optimization including custom URLs and extensive analytics and integrations.

OpenCart, on the other hand, is lacking in SEO friendliness. It does give users the option for SEO friendly URLs, but other SEO techniques can be challenging to implement within this e-commerce platform. Extensions are available to help, so users can cobble together an optimized site on OpenCart, but it is not nearly as robust as Magento in this area.

Conclusion: OpenCart and Magento

When it comes to popularity, Magento is clearly more popular than OpenCart all over the world. It has a very dynamic community so you can learn many useful tips and experience from other merchants and developers.

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Opencart and Magento