In recent 6 months of this year, the amount of LitExtension customers who have demands to migrate data from their current shopping cart to another has increased dramatically, especially to OpenCart, Shopify and BigCommerce (about 30%). In that condition, our developing team have to research always and find out innovative methods to satisfy our customers. This is the key reason why the best cart migration tool is created for all migrating to Shopify, OpenCart and BigCommerce now.

It takes not too much time for customers to set and migrate data, just within 3 steps:

  1. Install connector (or get API, or import CSV files) for Source and Target store
  2. Install LitExtension migration tool
  3. Migrate data automatically

As you can see, in Step 2, customers have to install tool and setup database in php my admin before access to Configuration table. It is not too difficult but a bit complicated which makes some of customers confused. In fact, our service team are always ready so no one have to face to any problem.
Although with this process, lots of our customers can do it themselves without any helps, our ambition does not stop. We want our migration tools become as simple as possible, meaning that it is really friendly and spent for event who has no technical knowledge. Specially, our slogan is also “Time is Gold”, so we have made the considerable efforts to save maximum time for customers.
As a result, the new best solution is coded successfully.

Still with 3 steps, but simpler than ever:

  • Install connector (or get API, or import CSV files) for Source and Target store
  • Automated installation
  • Start Migration

Step 2 in the old tool is optimized by just an email in the new one, because the most complex step- tool installation is carried out by our team and this tool is settled in our special server. It means that customers only have to register then our confirmation email turns back immediately. A secret link in this email reaches directly to the Configuration table in migration step. And your next mission is just fulfill necessary fields and have data migrated automatically. Therefore, time spent for migration can be shortened to 50%. Furthermore, our tool is created by our own team so we can sure for no error in migration process.

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However, we know that there is a lot of consideration with this innovative migration tool. Firstly, all of you may wonder about security. The tool is located in our server so are there any troubles with your data? They may be lost or replaced or anything else? Don’t worry, please, because your data are not in our server but migrate from the current to the new cart by our tool. It is really safe and sound.

In case that you wanna upgrade your migration tool to move more in the next times, feel free to access the link in email which we have sent you before. Nothing is changed, your tool is not deleted within 1 year.

With the new migration tool, LitExtension completely believe that we can satisfy all of our customers because of the simply, speed and security. Don’t hesitate to migrate your shopping cart anymore, since now it is easier than ever.

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Since 2011, I founded LitExtension Solutions offering shopping cart migration service including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify,... LitExtension has been the leading provider of automated Shopping Cart Migration Service in the world with more than 20,000 global customers and we have delivered 30,000+ successful migrations to our customers over the past 5 years.