In the era of booming Internet usage, retailers are extending their brick and mortar stores to an online form to give their companies more advantages to grow and flourish. On this front, choosing the right platform for your online business will empower the functionality as well as satisfy your ambition. And in the arena of hosted ecommerce platforms, there comes a young spunky guy from Australia called Neto, growing as a serious competitor with Shopify, the one that reigns all over hosted shopping cart platforms.

What is Neto?

Born in Australia and made for Australian retailers, Neto is an ecommerce platform, which allows merchants to sell their products through different channels, including online via an e-commerce platform and offline using point of sale. The advanced point of sale system of this platform is so intuitive to require any practice. It also enables retailers to receive payments through credit cards and payment portals such as Paypal, Stripe, and others.

Competition plays an important role in markets. Meanwhile, this cart has emerged as one of Shopify’s most serious challenges. Around 3000 websites’ operation is based on Neto, and though this number pales in comparison with Shopify, it is still as strong base. 

What is it about this platform?

To have a deeper comprehension about this platform, let’s grab an overview of the most prominent features of this platform:

1. Cost

  • Try it for free without any commitment or credit card requirement.
  • Neto plans start at $79 Australian dollars per month (~$60 USD). It’s basic plan includes listings for only 1,000 products. A medium plan costs $199 AU per month and allows you to list 5,000 item, while a large plan costs $349 per month and allows for unlimited items.

2. Interface

Neto also offers a range of themes. For most of the themes, this shopping cart offers a good mobile experience and provides better selections and more visually appealing themes.

3. A variety of management tools

Managing product stocks and other inventory issues can be immensely difficult. However, for example, Neto low stock alert features. Other features include inventory tracking and barcode management.

4. Affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate marketing has become one of the best and most successful online marketing strategies. You should specifically reward people for selling your goods through business ads. You can set up affiliate programs easily with this platform.

5. Adds-on 

Neto does feature a number of add-ons, such as Salesforce, Zoho, and Shipwire. It is also possible to run 3rd party scripts, but few are available for sale and it does not cover them. Regardless, Neto offers many of the most useful and common add-ons.

6. Countless other features of Neto

This shopping cart platform has quite a lot of features for us to list out. This platform manages to cover the most vital features. For many businesses, the extra features and add-ons on other ecommerce platforms will never actually be used.


Are these everything about Neto?



Reading up to this, you may have pictured yourself a panorama about Neto. However, in order to see that picture in smaller details, diving into more below features is a must.


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