Magento is home for hundreds of thousand online stores and hard working update with extremely enhanced and optimized version. Magento 2 version consists of newly-designed interface, more advanced features developer tools and other benefits that can help merchants to boost sales and control their web store more effectively. Now LitExtension will show you how you can get benefit from Magento upgrade.

Magento upgrade for better interface

Firstly, all users who have upgraded their Magento agree that Magento 2 newly-designed admin panel is more user-friendly and easier to handle. Besides, it comes with well-organized and simple menu. Therefore that you can easily navigate to the required page.

The progress leads towards a quicker productivity for administrators. It decreases the time consumption to manage orders, categories, products and pages, and thus saves your time and allows you to perform the tasks faster and spend more time focusing on your business.

More beneficial performance

Secondly, the clear truth is that Magento runs faster. It makes the websites more optimized for sales, and for search engines also. Full caching of pages increases the speed of website, user experience and this will have a positive impact on your sales. Therefore, many merchants have had Magento upgrade to look for a better operation for their store.

Quicker checkout process

Checkout process plays a major role in the success of online store. A lot of users may abandon their shopping carts if the checkout process is lengthy and even complicated. It is essential for your website to have a quick checkout process, offer multiple payment options, multiple shipping options, and checkout as guest feature. Magento 2 has improved the checkout process and so it improves the sales of an online store. It is all set to reduce the checkout friction and improve the shopping experience.

Moreover, Magento 2 can bring for merchants a better operation and sales. Upgrade your Magento site is necessary if you want to take care of your online store better. Migrate all data to a new Magento site is not a complicated process, even you only need very minimum effort and technical knowledge to run the process.


Litextension Magento Upgrade


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