All store owners hope to expanse their online business for sure after a time of running an online store. Who does not want to earn more and more money on the Internet? But to do that, as an eCommerce Entrepreneur, it’s your job to provide shoppers with the best products and services. Therefore, each and every decision that you make for your eCommerce store should improve the user experience. Growing your eCommerce business comes with its own challenges. As your website traffic and sales grow, you will need more server resources to keep up with your business goals and growth trajectory. Magento and Woocommerce are both free power open source platform. However, many people have been looking for a transfer from Magento to Woocommerce to easily grow their business because of features and high flexibility that Woocommerce could bring for them.

The article below is going to show you the detailed information. So let’s start this highly anticipated battle between Magento Vs WooCommerce.


Magento is designed to be a powerful and robust eCommerce platform with no doubt. However, when it comes to scaling, your costs and technical challenges will be a disadvantage.

If you use the Community Edition which is offered for free, then you have to do it on your own. Magento is a resource-intensive software. It means if you are on a VPS hosting (Virtue Private Server), then you will have to upgrade to a dedicated server and even the cloud hosting.

You also need to optimize your store for caching, manage backups, protection against any attack, by using a website firewall for example. If you don’t have experience in managing large websites, then you will need to hire Magento experts.

If your business can afford the growing costs, then the easier option would be to switch to Magento’s paid business and enterprise plans.


WooCommerce stores will face the same technical challenges as Magento. However, the good thing is that you have a lot more options to continue growing while keeping your costs low.

Firstly, you have several options to improve performance which can be implemented even by beginners. This will keep your server resources low and allow you to continue pushing sales for a while

Next, you can move to managed WordPress hosting providers like. These concierge WordPress hosting companies allow you to easily scale your website to meet your growing business.

Finding WordPress specialists to help scale your online store is not as costly as Magento. Even at the enterprise level, your eCommerce store would be able to perform well at much lower costs.

Because Woocommerce if a plugin of WordPress, so you can easily enjoy its store and community. Woocommerce has been appreciated as the easiest-scalable platform. You can seamlessly customize it or integrate with other third parties aiming to make your business more advanced and convenient. With 3.5 million users, there is no doubt about the advantages that Woocommerce could bring for you.

Magento to Woocommerce migration- why not?

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Magento to Woocommerce migration

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