Magento is one of the most powerful platform without doubt. It’s smart, possible to deal with a large size of business and support super well many aspects. This will help you operate your store better such as quick payment process, intelligent admin panel, friendly pages and search engine for shoppers, etc. Especially, Magento is really hard-working with update meaning that merchants can approach with a more effective Magento version. It can be even more improved in the future. Therefore, choosing Magento, you are not worried of being left behind other competitors. Working in Data Migration Service for over 5 years, according to our statistic, about 30% customers had upgraded Magento store to achieve a better operation and sales. This number means that Magento to Magento migration is a clever decision and a hot trend. So why do you hesitate to upgrade now while thousands of people outside are doing it?


Here is the reasons why Magento 2 becomes a choice over Magento 1 of users, according to their review on forums and experience that customer shared to us:

  • Magento 2 run faster, quicker and perform effectively than Magento 1.
  • Magento 2 is well-organized because it consists of User-Friendly Checkout process which is extremely customizable.
  • Payment platforms like PayPal has greater part of Magento users choose to integrate anyway, so Magento 2 is easier.
  • The new admin interface is proposed to make easy diminish the time managing an online store.
  • Mobile responsiveness is an input to humanizing sales, as several customers are shopping on smartphones and tablets, since it is mobile-friendly one.

Especially, with Magento to Magento Migration, it is possible to migrate all items and information, images, customers, orders, taxes, categories and other entities. Furthermore, it also supports migration of newly-updated data, customer password, credit memo, variant, mapping languages, order statuses and customers group.

If you are looking for a data transfer from Magento to Magento, please try FREE DEMO here. It requires no technical skill and really friendly for users.

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