The article is going to show you Why Magento is the best Opencart Alternative for large business

Many in common…

Both Magento and Opencart are good choices for a large online store

They are powerful and popular in the e-commerce market. Actually, they have a lot in common. They are both open source platforms that are ultimately designed to facilitate eCommerce activity.  Both are developed in PHP and use templates to upload products so they can be maintained by non-programmers. They are also rich in resources such as extensions, add-on products and plugins that can easily be added to them to support new functions.

Besides, the greatest advantages of the two platform are their ability to support multiple languages and currencies. This supports them to be a global solution that can suit businesses all around the world. However, look at the giant brand and market share, Magento is clearly the winner.

Why choose Magento as an Opencart alternative?

According to Builtwith, around 1 million live sites based on Magento, while the number of Opencart is more than 440.000. We also can easily name the famous brand using Magento for their online store, such as Victoria Beckham, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Paul Smith, Nike, Liverpool FC, Ford, etc.

Furthermore, we have found that the average rate for Magento and Opencart which is illustrated below :

magento the best opencart alternative

If you’re looking for the maximum amount of features and functionality, Magento Commerce is your best bet. Their feature list is extensive—any specific need you’re looking for is probably included in their platform. Additionally, Magento has all the essential elements you need to set up and manage your store. It is 100% true that Magento is the best Opencart alternative if you want to deal with a big store.

Magento is a bit more technical and thus a bit more complicated, but can be worth the extra effort if you want to tap into more advanced features. If you have the skills required in design, coding, or development, or have the budget to hire someone who can handle that for you, Magento is worth using.

You are thinking about Opencart alternative? Magento is the platform which is highly recommended.

You can try free demo Opencart to Magento migration here for free.

magento opencart alternative



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