Magento and Prestashop are open-source software. Therefore any user can customize any of them in many ways. Basically, they aim to provide any shop owner with dozen of attractive features, easier site management, SEO advantages, accurate analytics, and more. Making a decision which one is better is not simple. The article below will show the core difference between the two platforms to help you to have clear information about them.


Prestashop is known to be a bit easier and faster to install than Magento. No special skills are needed to run Prestashop on your own. Actually, you can figure out how to work with Magento as well, but this platform requires higher technical knowledge, especially when talking about improving the Magento site. Most probably, you will have to turn to the expert team. In general, Prestashop might save a little bit more of your time and costs.

However, after installing Magento, you can see that your time is worth it. Because the panel looks highly smart and friendlier than your imagination. You may find more functionality and ability to deal with large size of business in case your store grow rapidly.


The range of Prestashop plugins and extensions impresses: about 25,000 of them! Magento provides fewer plugins and extensions, but they are all great. But it is still hard to say whether Magento or Prestashop offers better and more effective features.

However, Magento is famous for its smart panel as mention above and various choice out-of-box. Magento is also rather flexible. For instance, you can change the design, content, operation easily. So to develop a site in long term run and huge data, Magento seems to be a better choice.

The Verdict

Magento is an unquestionable leader in terms of online store cart. It guarantees better SEO benefits than the rest of the shopping carts on the market. Targeted promotion and merchandising are included. Customers enjoy a variety of payment methods and shipping/delivery options. Most of the large businesses prefer Magento shopping cart.

If you have a long-term vision in mind for your business, Magento might be a better option knowing that you can easily move up from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise. Or, if you’re already a large business looking to switch to an open source platform, Magento Enterprise is probably the best solution.

Prestashop does not currently offer an enterprise version that compares to Magento.

If you can find that Magento can expanse your business, don’t hesitate to move from Prestashop to Magento now with LitExtension free demo.

magento and prestashop comparison


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