R. Straughter is Client Services Manager at hotCombs Company, she has kindly agreed to share his experience on running BigCommerce to WooCommerce migration provided by LitExtension. Please, enjoy her story.

Interviewer – Luu (L):  How did you know Litextension?
Straughter (S): I learned about Litextension after an extensive Google search for website migration companies.

L: Did you ever try solutions from other developers/providers? How did it work?
S: I only tried demos with a Litextension provider. Their demo worked well. However, I was not pleased that some features were extra. Versus with Litextension the features were included. I was also turned off by the negative reviews I found online about their customer support. In particular, I received multiple emails asking if I “intended” on using their service. As if to feel me out if I was definitely going to commit to using their service. Another negative was the pricing structure for those companies. It was rather high and out of the pocket for me.

L: What did LitExtension team do to help you?
S: The LitExtension team went above and beyond to help me. First, the sales team was extremely helpful and pleasant in answering my questions. I spent so much time asking them questions, that we “knew/recognized” each other on a first-name basis! That goes to show you that I had a lot of questions.

Second, the tech support is TOP NOTCH. The demo provided by LitExtension worked flawlessly. I was sold. But when I bought the migration tool and tried to migrate, I had problems. The migration would get stuck importing my products. It would take days for it to move. That didn’t seem comparable to the immediate demo migration.

LitExt support claimed that the hoster needed to increase the time out. The hoster claimed it was because my DNS was pointed somewhere else and things needed to finish propagating. After several calls and frustration with the hoster, i learned that in fact, the hoster did not allow enough space. Therefore, I left that hoster and found a different one.

Once I was up and running with the new hoster, I still experienced problems with migrating. Now, it has been a few weeks, and unfortunately, I cannot remember what the issue was the new hoster. Nevertheless, LitExt tech support came to the call of duty. They took the ball and ran with it! They helped me get everything migrated over. I was so happy. You have no idea. I thought I was going to be stuck with my old shopping cart because I wouldn’t be able to migrate.

L: How was your experience with our service and our support team in particular?
S: The migration tool is the best. I would never hesitate to recommend or use it again. My old shopping cart did not allow the migration of reviews. Who wants to leave their reviews? That’s an asset to my business. It was such a relief that the migration tool could migrate reviews. How wonderful is that! I did not have to worry about creating CSV files, matching up the columns, etc. Everything was done for me…seamlessly!

I migrated from BigCommerce to WooCommerce. The tool brought over the following:

  • Products
  • Product Custom Fields
  • Categories
  • Child Categories already linked to the Parent (how cool is that!)
  • Orders
  • Customers and all of their detail
  • Reviews (very big deal for me as BigCommerce does not allow exporting of reviews)

Everything was in its correct place in WooCommerce. I did not have to redo or organize ANYTHING.

Support was Johnny-on-the-spot. Although there was a time zone difference, they ALWAYS responded at the top of their day. I never was left on hold with a question more than a day. We communicated every day whereas you could not necessarily tell there was a time zone difference. So, consider it just a lag. But it was guaranteed that tech support responded.

I was in good hands the whole while I was them through out the process. Tech support is very dedicated and helpful.

L: Would you recommend us to other customers?
S: Wholeheartedly YES…without a doubt. A person would be hard pressed to find a better team of customer service, support and migration tool.

L: Do you have any suggestions which can help us improve the service?
S: hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’m not quite sure I can say. The only thing I could say is to possibly…possibly consider hiring and training a US based tech support person. Even if it’s just one person who worked part time during the US hours.

L: Thank you very much!

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