It’s been a long time since LitExtension last customer interview. Today let’s get back with an interesting talk with Michaela – manager of “The MonaLisa Twins” from Liverpool, UK.

Interviewer – Ms Luu (L): Thank you very much for your time doing processing an Interview with us. Could you please introduce a little about yourself and your store to everyone?

Michaela (M): I’m Michaela, mum and manager of “The MonaLisa Twins” (, a 60s inspired band with 21year old twins Mona and Lisa fronting the group. Together with my husband who is their producer/co-song-writer we are doing this as a family business, presently living and working in Liverpool, UK.

For many reasons we decided to avoid the typical music industry route of selling ourselves away to record labels and x-factor shows. Instead we are constantly building our own online/e-mail marketing business, with the online-store being an important part of it to earn the funds and invest in future music projects. We have recently migrated from Magento to WooCommerce.


L: How did you know about LitExtension?

M: I was googling for ‘shop migration’ and found the ‘usual suspects’ who obviously have tremendous budgets to spend on marketing rather than on their product or customer service performance. They had all average or bad reviews. I didn’t want people to mess around with my customer/fan data, so I digged a little deeper and found LitExtension getting only 5star reviews. I thought these could be fake but with no alternative really I gave it a shot. So glad now I did.


L: Did you ever try solutions from other developers/providers? How did it work?

M: Since this is my 3rd website/online store now I’ve had lots of experiences with developers, hosting providers and the like over the last years. Many of them cost me lots of time and money for nothing and finally left me looking to figure it out myself. Very rare these days to get proper customer support – people who know their own business (!), understand a problem and are capable and willing to solve it.


L: What did LitExtension team do to help you?

M: I’m actually quite proud of myself that this time I managed to get to deal with the organ grinder, not the monkey :). It was like veni, vidi, vici. They explained, offered a fantastic price and did the job within 4 hours. Later on, they even helped me out by getting the data import back after my database got corrupted. No questions asked, just “Yes, Michaela, we will help you!” You can’t imagine the relief I felt after weeks of endless troubles. Again, veni, vidi, vici, and I was back to work overnight.


L: How was your experience with our service and our support team in particular?

M: LitExtension is one of the rare laudable exceptions to what unfortunately has become kind of a rip-off business based on “almost” products. They deliver supreme support, very competitive prices, and their dedicated, on-purpose staff go the extra mile to help you run your business. I don’t remember when I last had a support team being that friendly AND effective in their work and answer questions in such a short time (even with the time difference they were faster than many others; their live chat is fantastic). They kept me updated all the time and I felt valued and my business appreciated. To have that kind of backup is such a safety pillow if you’re an online shop keeper and your customer database is your income source.


L: Would you recommend us to other customers?

M: Most definitely! Whenever I get the opportunity. While others just promise everything under the sun on their sales copy, they deliver 100 % and more.


L: Do you have any suggestions which can help us improve the service?

M: Please just keep up your great work and try to develop migration tools for as many shopping carts as possible so that everyone can make use of your fantastic services, including the ones who need to migrate to/from less popular carts. And probably invest in your search engine rankings to knock the wannabes off their pedestal :).


L: Thank you for your stories, Michaela. We hope to have more interesting talks with you in the future


Customer: Michaela – Manager of The MonaLisa Twins

Interviewer: Luu Doan – Customer Care Manager of LitExtension

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