With LitExtension, each customer feedback is a very special event. Through this, we have a chance to understand more about customers as well as their migration experience.

This time, listen to the story of Louay Yehya – an expert developer from the beautiful country, France. He will share about the PrestaShop to WooCommerce migration with the LitExtension tool. Let’s get started!

Alice (A): Thank you very much for your time doing processing an Interview with us. Could you please introduce a little about yourself and your store to everyone?

Louay Yehya (L): My name is Louay Yehya. I’m running an eCommerce website fCasque.com, a specialist in motorcycle helmet and biker equipment! We ourselves, real bikers in the soul, our leit motivated, that to provide you with a very large choice of equipment and motorcycle accessories, for a price that defies any competition, whatever your practice of the motorcycle.




And since with us, quality is our priority, at Fcasque we offer the best of the world road, track, enduro, touring, quad, trial, etc…

Here you will find more than 200 brands, such as Alpinestars, Arai, Ixon, Scorpion, HJC, Shark, Furygan, Shoei, Roof, and more than 35000 references to equip you from head to toe. For your greatest satisfaction, there is something for everyone, for men, for women and even for children.

Our team of enthusiasts is there to advise you and to serve you from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:30 non-stop.

A: How did you know Litextension.com?

L: I know LitExtension.com by searching on Google, and when I chatted with them I found they are professionals so I have decided to try to work with them, and my experience was excellent, honestly.

A: Did you ever try solutions from other developers/providers? How did it work?

L: I tried with other solutions, they was not bad, but with LitExtention it was the best because they are very patient with the client and helpful at the same time, they search to help people not just to make money and that is very important.

A: What did LitExtension team do to help you?

L: LitExtension helped me to migrate products from a Prestashop website to a WordPress website, and believe me it was very complicated due to errors from my side and errors on the source website also the targeted website.

The support team, Brian and Alice are very helpful people and they are very nice at the same time.

A: Would you recommend us to other customers?

L: No doubt I recommend LitExtension for other customers, the price is attractive and the service is excellent.

A: Do you have any suggestions which can help us improve the service?

L: I honestly don’t have any suggestion because they were really perfect with me.

Especially, to express his love with LitExtension, Louay Yehya has just made a wonderful clip. Please click PLAY to see this Video!

Thank you for your stories, Louay Yehya. We hope to have more interesting talks with you in the future.

Customer: Louay Yehya – www.louayyehya.com

Interviewer: Alice – Customer Care staff of LitExtension


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