To express his  experiences and thanks – Chris Davies – a member of Agency Partnership Manager from United Kingdom was very excited to take a short interview with us!

He used an All-in-One Data Migration Service Prestashop to Magento 2.x with 2 optional plugins: Password Migration and Migrate Product & Category SEO URLs.

After receiving a full support from us, he mentioned that he has been really impressed with the speed, responsiveness and quality of LitExtension service throughout his project. He also would like to share our passion and enthusiasm for excellent customer service and professionalism with others. Here we go!

Interviewer – Thuy (T): How did you know

Chris: I was looking for a solution to transfer database files and SEO from Prestashop to Magento 2.0 and LitExtension was one of the top tools from my search. I did some research into the tool and it looked to be very promising.


Thuy: Did you ever try solutions from other developers/providers? How did it work?

Chris: I looked at different solutions and non seemed to be trusted or provide the full service that I required (i.e didn’t migrate customer accounts or SEO).


Thuy: What did litextension team do to help you?

Chris: When I was first looking to use the tool, I emailed the support team in order to get clarity on the process. They were very quick to respond and insightful as they knew what information I’d need to know and the follow up questions I’d ask too. After a short email thread, I was more than confident in the LitExtensions teams ability to provide the services required.


Thuy: How was your experience with our service and our support team in particular?

Chris: The service was fantastic, especially considering the time difference. Someone would get back to me every day regarding my latest email even if it was to let me know that they were investigating my query. Everyone I dealt with was professional, responsive, and fully understanding of my requirements and expectations.


Thuy: Would you recommend us to other customers?

Chris: I would highly recommend the LitExtension team – they’ve provided an invaluable service to us, in an excellently professional manner. We will look to use this tool on any opportunity in the future.


Thuy: Do you have any suggestions which can help us improve the service​?

Chris: N/a – the experience using LitExtension has been perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Oh, Chris. How can I express my emotion with your kind and winged words! But we definitely know that we still have to improve and update our tools effectively as well as customer service perfectly to satisfy all customers. Thank you so much!


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