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LitExtension made Customers Password Migration possible!

As you know that each platform will use a different encryption algorithm . Assume you want to migrate Customers Password from website A to website B (A and B using 2 difference platforms) . Encrypted Password in A after being copied and stored on the database of B will not work because B uses different encryption algorithms from A ( except Zen-Cart and Magento uses the same encryption algorithm ) . How could you resolve this situation? It is a really difficult job.

How do other companies do?

Normally, some companies do migration services will not resolve this problem and they will advise you: asking your customers to use Password Recovery function to reset their Password. If you are a professional store owner you will not be satisfied with this solution because it is troublesome for your clients.

The question is : Is there a solution that can migrate passwords from website A to website B and customers could still use the old passwords of A to log in to B? Is this an impossible mission?

LitExtension made Customers Password Migration possible

Your question is our preoccupation. Other companies appear to have given up in the study of solutions to meet your requirements . But for us, we do not accept that , principle of our activities since our beginning was: customers satisfaction are our top goal

After more than one year scrutinize all encryption algorithms are used in 30 popular eCommerce platforms, we have found the solution to meet your inquiry. It is clearly affirmed that we are the pioneer and the unique company has the full and comprehensive solutions in Password Migration.

Data Security

Have you ever been questioning the data security? Have you ever been stressing over another party can take your customers password? Please stop being worried, Our Password Migration Plugin works taking into account complex algorithms and able migrate passwords from Source to Target Store directly, no third party involved, absolute integrity guaranteed.

How many stores LitExtension can migrate Customers Password?

At this moment, we have integrated functions to migrate password for:

It is no longer a myth, it is reality

You can test this feature in our demo site following these steps:

  • Step 1: Create a new user account in our Demo Source Store or Your Source Store
  • Step 2: Start migration and log-in by account you have created in the Source Store on Target Store
  • * Our Demo Store just support maximum 10 users, if you see more than 10 users on it, please delete before migration

Please don’t hesitate contact us at if you have any questions about Customers Password Migration