Start business with the best shopping cart is the dream of every e-merchants. Developing of online business leads increase of e-commerce platforms, which is not only opportunities but also challenges for business to make a right choice. What is the most suitable shopping cart for your business in fifty e-commerce platforms? Eighty five percentage of businesses have ever felt unsatisfied and want to change their shopping carts. However, not all of enterprises know how to move your shopping cart to another quickly, easily, safely and with the lowest price. There are several ways to move their stores. LitExtension can list three main ways of data migration that most businesses choose: hiring developers; migrating database manual and using automated migration tool.

First of all, some companies think about hiring a specialist developer to transfer shopping cart effectively and seamlessly. There are a lot of freelancers that you can find in forums and communities. However, developers need time to write a new suitable tool. It can help you to fix error and bug, migrate SEO URLs and implement multi store migration. Nothing is sure that the result brings user-friendly interface, secure (SSL) connection. Even worse, developers can’t migrate from your shopping cart to new cart, especially with unpopular e-commerce platform. On the other hand, businesses usually have to pay a high cost for a personal developer.

Secondly, many businesses migrate database themselves. This way allows you to perform migration on your own and save money to hire a professional. You can find guide to change your cart from third party. But it requires e-merchants have many experiences with shopping cart migration. With many new versions of e-commerce platforms, experiences are not enough to migrate database properly. Migration process usually has errors about compatibility with existing hosting, servers. New site can become unresponsive. It is difficult to migrate all the entities saving the relations, implement SEO migration and multi-store migration.

Thirdly, using automated migration tool is one of the most popular ways. E-merchants can migrate shopping cart quickly. Most of migration tools do not require technical skills. You should follow some steps in the guideline to implement data migration properly instead of hiring a developer. This tool can support you to move product description, category, customer detail, customer password and even URLs. Migration tool is used by many people, so probability of happening errors is lower. Moreover, technical support will help you solve errors during migration process. In this way, businesses need to purchase shopping cart migration tool. Fortunately, the basic price of tool is quite comfortable. It only starts at $99 and no incurred costs.

In general, automated migration tool is a good solution for businesses, who want to move their shopping cart to popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, and WooCommerce. This way can help you save time and money to migrate database from source cart to target cart. LitExtension supports you some popular migration tools.

Magento migration tools:

Prestashop migration tools:

WooCommerce migration tools:


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