New migration price for small shops, just $99 for 2,000 entities

LitExtension is one of the pioneers leading in the field of providing data migration tools for E-commerce website.

After years scrutinizing migration issues and having witnessed considerable needs of customers in terms of high-quality and secure migration products, we released wide range types of migration tools with support to migrate the minimization of 10,000 entities. With this degree of entities we charged $149. Nevertheless, there is a significant increase regarding to customers who own online stores which are less than 2,000 entities

To serve customers better and always making commitment with our mission statement: “Customers are our top goal” from June 16th , LitExtension  changes the price charging for different entities. In particular, the minimum price is $99 in support up to 2,000 entities.

With this new policy, we hope to satisfy various client demands for migration and these solutions seem to be convenient with customer budget.

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