Shopify and Magento are the two outstanding e-commerce platform in the market. They are possible to deal with all sizes of business and equipped with many feature needed for running a successful store. However, although Magento is good enough for a merchant who has online shop, but many people still want to choose or transfer their cart to Shopify. The article is going to show you reasons why and the easiest way to perform Magento Shopify migration

Why merchants choose Shopify over Magento?

Many people find Shopify more beneficial. It is much more user-friendly interface, simple admin panel. Choosing Shopify, you don’t need to deal with hosting issue hosting free or complicated code to customize their site or design. In other words, it is super suitable for all users including people with no technical and programming skills

We cannot deny that Magento is a good platform with many advanced features and flexibility for expand store. However if you want to operate it well, you should learn a little tech skill. And Magento installation is not simple also, to be honest. While with Shopify, you only need to register or try 14-day free trial, you will have a store which is ready to work.

Besides, users appreciate Shopify by its security and very responsive technical support. And it is also nominated as a candidate having the strongest app store with thousands of available add ons and templates. With more than 1 millions live websites, it has never been an outdated choice.

The easiest way for Magento to Shopify migration

If you are ready for a transfer to Shopify but you haven’t found a method yet, you can consider some service in the market. Providers has made migration process easier and easier for user.

Here is the easiest way. It is a migration app that ready for you to use. Just access and go through 3 simple steps to finish the process.

  • Step 1. Set up cart type
    In this step, provide URL of the two stores, with Magento, you need to establish an access gateway to your data by a specific file provided from web agency. For Shopify, fill your API key and password, then, the two sites are connected together and possibly to exchange data
  • Step2. Entity Selection
    Easily choose what you want to migrate, products, orders, customers, and other entities. Then extend your migration possibility by other additional options
  • Step 3. Data Migration
    Launch Full  Migration or free demo to see how are your data are transferred and organized after Magento Shopify migration.
    Magento Shopify Migration

Now you can see it very simple. Try free demo now at Magento Shopify migration  

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