BigCommerce, Woocommerce are some of the popular e-commerce systems offering tools to create your own online shop. Bigcommerce was released in 2009 as a paid hosted platform that is the growing solutions to create an fully functional online store and sell both physical and digital products online. Whereas WooCommerce was just launched in 2011, an acclaimed company well-known for creating stunning WordPress templates.

Soon WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that allows users to transform any WordPress website into a beautiful online store. If you are thinking of starting your own e-commerce store, you need a through comparison between Bigcommerce vs Woocommerce to choose the suitable one. Here is a head-to-head comparison between the two.

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce: Costs and Pricing


BigCommerce is a paid-for solution that currently has three pricing plans. These are:

  • Silver- $29.95/month
  • Gold- $79.95/month
  • Platinum- $199.95/month

The “Silver” plan also charges a transaction fee of 1.5%. These fees can add up, which will ultimately chew on your budget.


You have to pay a monthly fee with BigCommerce while WooCommerce doesn’t cost you a penny. WooCommerce is free to download. You just have to pay for any plugins you need, no charge for others. It completely depends on users’ needs. Moreover, WooCommerce has cheaper hosting solution cost. For example, you can get hosting for $3.96 per month.

Therefore, we appreciate that Woocommerce wins BigCommerce in costs and pricing

Ease of Use


BigCommerce is know as a ecommerce platform that is easy to use, and in some ways, it is. We all know that BigCommerce is designed for easy setup. On the other hand, this may make extensive customizations difficult and frustrate power users who want more complicated features and options that have to be hidden away.


WooCommerce is so easy to use  that it allows you to build your own eStore without spending thousands of dollars on development  or being good at coding language or hiring developers WooCommerce has just amazed with its user friendly functionality and outstanding set of designs. WooCommerce is also an open source e-commerce plug-in that works well with WordPress CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is the most popular CMS of the internet. Comparing BigCommerce vs WooCommerce, the latter is used by both experienced and newbie site administrators and web designers.


We believe WooCommerce is better suited for scalability. It was launched for serving both small and larger retailers. BigCommerce, though good, cannot offer the further flexibility that you will need once you intend to expand your online business.  BigCommerce is a hosted solution, this means that one day maybe you have to migrate your BigCommerce site to another platform if BigCommerce gives tremendous changes. However, users can completely feel assured that this will not happen with WooCommerce.


In some ways, BigCommerce’s turnkey is a positive attribute, while in other ways it’s definitely not.  Most e-commerce stores often require different levels of customization to fit their particular needs. With BigCommerce, you’re limited by its features; while WooCommerce’s extensions and plugins give an abundance of different choices to browse.

WooCommerce runs on WordPress; therefore, it can be integrated smoothly with any WordPress theme. WordPress is the world’s best platform with the huge variety of plugins and themes available as well. So we believe that you will be satisfied with WooCommerce that gives you the perfect platform to firmly establish your blog.

For all these reasons, we recommend WooCommerce for its cheaper cost, ease of use , scalability, and flexibility.

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