Those who make client service their priority achieve success. Alinga  – a web developer and LitExtension user – is one of those people. In the hard race to looking for a shopping cart provider, Alinga feels completely happy & luckily when seeing “LitExtension” through the Google search results.

And today, he has kindly agreed to share his experience in running the Magento to Shopify migration.

Please! Enjoy his story below!

Alice – Thank you very much for your time doing processing an Interview with us. Could you please introduce a little about yourself and your store to everyone?
Ans: My self Alice. We providing web solutions for Shopify, Magento & WordPress.

Alice – How did you know ?
Ans: Searched for Migration tool on Google & we found you

Alice – Did you ever try solutions from other developers/providers? How did it work?
Ans: We never tried solutions from other providers. Just enquiries but no satisfaction from other providers.

Alice – What did Litextension team do to help you?
Ans: Litextension helped us on every steps of migrations. If I stuck in migration then support team doing the best effort to resolve in proper ways.

Alice – How was your experience with our service and our support team in particular?
Ans: Support team is really working well. Sometimes I didn’t get a reply in working hours even if the queue number is 1 only! Overall, nice support by Brian, Sofia & Alice.

Alice – Would you recommend us to other customers? Do you have any suggestions which can help us improve the service?
Ans: Should reduce waiting time in live support.

LitExtension – Shopping Cart migration tool is grateful to Alice for her time she dedicated to answer our questions and give constructive feedback on our customer service.

We are looking forward to receiving more and more feedback day by day. If you have any question, please feel free to Contact Us for further information.