Migrate Customer Data From Shopify to WooCommerce?

Nowadays, each eCommerce website is usually stored a very large of customer data. Over time, a certain number of users tend to get disappointed with the current Platform and find a new solution platform to switch to.  In case users of Shopify, most of them choose WooCommerce because of its specific advantages.

WooCommerce comes up with abundant and beautiful design options, good pricing policy, easy to use as well as the high advantage of SEO.

So today we will settle a discuss “Migrate Customer Data From Shopify to WooCommerce”.


1.What are reasons for such choice?

Although Shopify is increasingly popular and popular, customers are still deciding to migrate to Woocommerce because of the following reasons:

Reasonable Price

WooCommerce is one of the most easiest – to – use eCommerce platform based on open source. That means you can create a basic website nearly free. But you have to know that WooCommerce, although it is an open source that you absolutely create a WordPress site then installing the free WooCommerce plugin, you have to pay any money for another hosting service.

Despite WooCommerce, Shopify is not free for anyone. It provides 3 package of pricing: the basic plan being 29$ and the most expensive plan is from 299$.

Design features

About design options, I can say that WooCommerce is on the top of beauty, clean and verify. Woocommerce is a free plugin used to create the best small ecommerce site today in WordPress. That means you can use a lot of compatible themes of WordPress for your website.

Besides, you can go to the marketplace to find different themes, of course you need to pay an additional fee.

Different from WooCommerce, Shopify also provides many beautiful templates by itself as well as in the marketplace but its themes offer fewer opportunities for customization.

SEO Plugin

We all know the power of WordPress, it can create any type of website because of the flexibility of source code as well as the available API library.

WooCommerce runs on WordPress, especially it is the best plugin used to create a WordPress Blog. With Yoast plugin, you can significantly improve your possibilities, which helps to reach top ranking for SEO in order to maximize your exposure.

This is a clear and giant competitive advantage  of WooCommerce that no platform has, of course, even Shopify.


2. How to migrate customer data from Shopify to Woocommerce?

How to migrate customer data from Shopify to Woocommerce

I think after reading above, you have had a closer look at WooCommerce advantages to find out why a lot of people decide to move to WooCommerce. After that, a common question will come into our mind is How to migrate customer data from Shopify to WooCommerce”.

I will help you by indicating it step by step:

Step 1: Backup Data

Look at your Source site, in case it is WooCommerce, if it stored any customer data, you should do backup all before switching. If it is black, absolutely you don’t have to do anything.

Step 2: Install Migration Tool on Target Store

It is impossible to manually transfer customer data. You need to install a migration tool to perform the switching customer data, which secures access to the customer information of your Shopify and WooCommerce and affords interaction between them.

Step 3: Select Data to Migrate

In that case, you want to migrate your customer data only, you should click on “Customer” on the List Of Entities Box Options.

Step 4: Perform Migration Directly

Data conversion time depends on the size of your customer data, it will take place in a few hours or more.

Step 5: Double check to make sure all the customer data migrated right 

That’s all about “Migration Customer Data from Shopify to WooCommerce”. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us for further information.