Magento Cart Migration Guide

Source Store: Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, osCommerce, Zen-Cart, VirtueMart, xt:Commerce, Veyton,  CS-Cart, x-Cart, UberCart, Drupal Commerce, Loaded Commerce (CRE Loaded, Loaded 7), OXID eShop, MarketPress, Interspire, nopCommerce, PinnacleCart, MijoShop, CubeCart, WP eCommerce, Cart66, Shopp, Weebly.

Target Store: Magento 1.x – 2.x


1. Connector Set-up

You can try migrating data from your own Source store to Target store using Cart Migration module. You need Download Migration Connector HERE , extract  it and copy into your SourceStore.

  • Step 1: Access to Source store by using FTP program
  • Step 2: Upload the folder “magento_connector” to Source Store root folder
  • Step 3: Test the connector by accessing http(s):// Connector is set up successfully if getting message “Connector installed”.


2. Token

Cart Token acts like “password” to prevent unauthorized data access to your source store. Default Token is 123456 . For security, open connector.php in ‘connector’ folder, find this very first line:define(‘LECM_TOKEN’, ‘123456’); and change “123456” to another string which used to enter to the Migration Form.


3. Sample Source Stores

We recommend you to use your source store to try demo. In case, you don’t want to use it, we would like to provide some source stores for your demo (we have installed connector already). Please visit


4. Migration

The migration progress will go through 3 simple steps. Click here for Full Migration Guide