LitExtension Ver3 released for advanced Data Migration – What you can benefit from this?

LitExtension has been widely known as one of the world leading experts in Data Migration Service that can be used by any users, even without technical or programming skills. It has been a great honor of serving and satisfying thousands of merchant all over the global. But we realized that our version 2 is till not the best LitExtension Version for you and we won’t stop our upgrading to bring a better service to clients, therefore our dedicated data experts have improved and made it even much more advanced. We are very happy and proud to announce that LitExtension officially releases Version 3 which helps your data transfer easier, quicker and cheaper.

More benefit with LiExtension version 3

Let’s see what are advantages of Version 3 that more outstanding in comparison with our own Version 2.


1. The migration process much easier

The most significant improvement making your migration process much more effortless is the higher level of automation.

If in the version 2, you will complete your data transfer via a module called LitExtension which is installed and attached directly on your target site and can be found right on your menu panel, now in Version 3, you can perform by easily registering an account on LitExtension site, then create New Migration and start the process effortlessly. This Version 3 will provide you a very user-friendly interface. We created it to make sure that anyone can use at the first look with no training or complicated introduction required, or in the other words, our detail guide could bother you as an unnecessary part.

A friendlier interface provided for users


2. Automated Connector checking

The same process you need to do here is Connector Installation, now you can download it directly by a click on your screen.

Then unzip and paste it into your cart root folder by FTP/SSH protocol, back to your migration page, you will receive a message of Successful Connector Installation without manual checking (skip this step with cart using API). It is very simple to set up a migration, right? Just hit next to continue.


3. Automated mapping recommendation

Moreover, in Version 3, you will have a chance of mapping Languages, Order Status and Customer Group by our automated recommendation. With this step, your migration is only waiting for a click to start the transformation of Demo and Full Migration. You surely can find performing migration even simpler than your expectation.


4. Automated Number of Entities Checking

Next, our version will automatically check How many entities you have on your current source site and calculate the price for you. To perform Full Migration, you only need to continue the process meaning that no need of quitting the demo or doing Cart Setup all over again.


5. Unique Migration Tasks Management

The next benefit from our Version 3 is that with the new version, you can easily manga you migration task in My Migration. Right here, you can redo migration all over again or Migrate Recent Data. Start register an account to see how simple it is right now for free.

You can see your tasks here


6. More e-Commerce platform Supported

One of our shortcoming existing in version 2 is we only support transferring data to 6 target carts, including Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Opencart and Prestashop. Now Version 3 strongly extends the migration service possibility with 55 target carts supported.

More and more supported target carts


7. Database Direct Migration Support

Database Direct Migration is a service allowing merchants to migrate directly data from their database source to a new platform without third party involved. If in the version 2, a similar service called Database Dump Migration still need to be imported to an app (an intermediate step) to finish the migration, now this action is no longer required. Your data can move directly to exact corresponding destination.

Your database migration will go faster


8. The Awesome Demo

You can see that Version 2 only supports target demo provided by Litextension. But now you can try both Litextension Demo and yours. If you want to use our target test store, just click Try Litextension test store in Target Cart Setup part.

Try Demo for free

If you are struggling with choosing a new platform for your online shop, don’t hesitate to contact our support team on live chat to receive very useful advises and tips. Otherwise, Litextension Test Stores are built up with all features of a complete store for each platform. This demo improvement will provide you chance to experience how are your products, customers, orders and other entities managed in your new store, and help you to find the most suitable framework for your online business activity. This procedure is also known as Migration Preview Service. Discovering structure of any platforms now with no difficulties is possible. Above all, please notice that, both our support and demo offered are completely free. There is no charge until you feel satisfied and run your official migration:


9. The Migration much more quicker!

Generally, the higher level of automation is one of the key reducing data migration time. The advantage is also supported by following factors.

If in the Version 2, we advise you to not close the Browser Window during migration, now in Version 3, you can shut any devices, even wifi and energy supply after starting your migration and do whatever else you want. Your data will continue moving to new destination and you can check the result via email. When the migration is done or some error arising in your migration, the system will send you email to inform and from our side, experts will quickly check and fix that matter. You don’t need to track migration all time and we can control any issues without procedure of manual checking one by one. Really fast!

Spend time for other tasks without tracking migration 24/24

In this version, you can choose which server is the nearest your current store’s location. It is super helpful in boosting your migration speed. For example, you are in USA, you can choose server put in USA to reduce time of transfer, similar with Canada, Europe or India, Australia and so on.

Furthermore, your process will be closely followed by our data experts via admin center control panel, so any problems arising will be handled quickly.


10. You can save a lot money

The main features in version 3 are not too different from the previous one. You can choose what entities you want to migrate, for example, Products, Customers and Orders, etc. Then LitExtension still provides a list of additional features to extend your migration possibility, such as Clear Data on Target site, Migrate Recent Data, Migrate Customer Password, Strip HTML tags, Migrate Additional pictures, Migrate SEO, Create 301 and so on. And a good news, to improve our service, serve Customers better and reduce your Migration Cost, LitExtension will not charge you any fee for Customer Password ($49), Migrate SEO ($99) and Create 301 redirect ($99) and many other options which have been free in version 2.

Reduce your data migration cost


11. Professional Support

One of the strong aspects of Litextension is a dedicated support team working 24/24 and willing to answer any questions regarding data transfer process and LitExtension products. Besides, our data experts with deep knowledge of programming and coding will be available to help you with any issues. In case there is complicated matter arising, we commit to give you a comprehensive answer within 8 hours. And this support service is free.


12. Easier Custom Field Migration

When it comes to the custom fields, your configured part in source site can be handled easily and quickly with our technical team. The checking and migration process will much more faster.

We have been developing and investing more in our Products and system aiming to bring the best experience for users. But it doesn’t mean that the cost for your migration is higher than before. LitExtension believes that we have provided the best service with prices lower than anywhere else. Alongside  5 years working in the Data Migration Field is our non-stop effort to find the best solution for E-commerce Data Transfer, reduce migration cost and speed up migration process.

We will continue listening to your feedbacks to perfect the Version 3 everyday, and we dare affirm that this is the smartest choice and service for your E-commerce data transfer and worth your investment.

To prove all these things, you can try a demo and check result before taking the full migration for free. If you need any advice, assistance and support, we are available to help you.

LitExtension Version 3 will be released at Feb 18, 2019. We will continue support customers who purchased Version 2.4.1 at .


13. Summary

It has been 4 years since our first release of LitExtension Cart Migration module, aiming for a cost effective, flexible yet high accuracy migration solution. Cart Migration was new player and widely welcomed back in that time. For the last recent years, we have never stopped improving and innovating our solution to better serve customer’s increasing demands. From an initial simple module for Magento, the tool has been growing to support more than 50 shopping carts, solving countless difficult migration requests. With that, LitExtension has been playing a big part in Shopping Cart Migration market, widely trusted by shop owners and developers all around the world. But that is just the first chapter of the story.

Back in 2018, we made a bold decision to spend 1 year to rebuild the whole system from scratch, adapting latest technologies, and move the flatform to work on the cloud. With our new platform, we will push everything far beyond what the current 2.0 version can do. Yes it is here, Cart Migration 3.0 on the cloud, a roburst migration platform was released and it will start functioning on Feb 18 2019. It has everything 2.0 has, plus latest technologies and tweaks, strong features, highly complatible with all most popular shopping carts, run on a roburst and extensible hardware system. We couldn’t be happier to introduce this new platform to you, our valued customers. It strongly represent our commitment of continously improvement and innovation, to provide the Best Migration Service ever has.

We want to thank you all for your trust and support for all these years. You are our inspiration that make us complete.

A big love from the team.