[Infographic] What are the E-commerce entrepreneurs around you look like ? The 2017 audience survey

If you are an online business owner. Have you ever wondered if you are the only one who is having troubles? In case of you are E-commerce service provider,do you want to know more about your potential customer insights ? So this post is for you.

The famous E-commerce business inspiring blog – A Better Lemonade Stand recently made a small survey in their community to get some general feedback and further insight into E-commerce entrepreneurs. LitExtension summarize data into a brief infographic based on collected results. With these insights you can get a glimpse into what others are doing, what they’re focusing their time and money into and just some general insight into what the entrepreneurs around you are up to. It can be difficult to measure progress when you have nothing to compare it to, so we thought this information could serve as a realistic benchmark for how others are getting through their hustle.

Let’s jump into it.





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