Import data from CSV files to Magento – Save time for more business ideas

At this time, many store owners who are using old eCommerce platforms or customized shopping cart stores for their business. They often meet some problems when they want to move it to Magento.

Usually, they can export database to CSV files but can not import them to Magento because they have difference database structure. So the best way is importing manually, now we will show you how do developers solve this problem:

  • Exporting database of target cart to CSV files.
  • Select data in CSV files of source store and filling to CSV target store.

But many developers are also met with problems when importing manually, such as: data duplication, missing data, can not keep tables relationship,… We are sure that you can’t do if you do not have deep technical knowledge.

Now the question is how to eliminate the risks of having your data imported incorrectly? Many people can give you the answer is: LitExtension. Today, we would like to introduce the ultimate CSV to Magento migration service. We make sure that it is the best solution to get your job done without any issues.

We can show you reason why:

  • Work with all CSV files structure, No need structured properly.
  • No need technical knowledge.
  •  No data missing
  • No data duplication
  • Keep all tables relationship after importation

How to Import Data from CSV to Magento by using Litextension Service

Congratulations, now please enjoy new store