3dcart to shopify migration tool

How to migrate from 3dCart to Shopify?

The essence of LitExtension products focuses on their friendliness to users, which means that every shopping cart owners, even who has little knowledge of technology, can follow guidance and migrate data from 3dCart to Shopify easily. You are advised that need not to consult any other sources except this understandable step-by-step guide below.

1. Set-Up

Please login to LitExtension and go to My Account > My Downloadable Products then click to the Hosted Tool link  to do fully automatic installations.

3dcart to squarespace migration tool

2. Migration

Return to http://mycm.litextension.com/cm/abc/xyz, you are now at Step 1 of migration process.

The migration will go through 3 simple steps. Just hit “Next” when you finish one step to advance.

2.1. Source and Target Stores Set-up

How to get 3dCart’s API:

Please follow the guide at http://blog.litextension.com/how-to-get-3d-carts-api/


How to get Shopify’s API:

Follow similar steps with Shopify as in Source Cart Setup

With the step API Key fulfilling, you can follow as:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store admin area, copy the admin Url (remove /admin) to use as “Cart Url” in migration.
  2. From admin area, go to Apps Menu. Then, scroll down the page and click Manage private apps link.
  3. In the next page, enter your Private app name. Click “Review disabled Admin API Permissions“and change all Permissions to “Read and Write“.
    Then scroll to bottom, in Storefront API area, uncheck this option: Allow this app to access data from your storefront.
  4. Click Save App, at the Admin API area you will see API Key and Password. Copy and paste it into the corresponding field and proceed to the next step.

2.2. Migration Configuration

  • Select suitable Languages, Order Statuses and Currencies for Shopify store.
    Languages Mapping: If your 3dCart is multilingual, corresponding languages (or storeviews) should be available in Shopify. You may need to create additional languages in Shopify to avoid data loss.
    Currencies Mapping: Assign 3dCart currencies to proper Shopify currencies.
    Orders Status Mapping: Assign 3dCart order statuses to proper Shopify order statuses.
  • Select all data you want to migrate from 3dCart to Shopify.

3dcart to squarespace migration tool Cart_Migration_Step2_1

  • Additional Options:
    Migrate recent data: In case 3dCart is still live and continue getting new data during migration process, this option helps to migrate recent ones only without starting over again.
    Clear current data on Target Store before Migration: All current products, categories, manufacturers, customers, orders, product reviews, taxes will be cleared in Shopify if you choose this option
    Migrate categories and products SEO URLs: SEO URL of 3dCart will be preserved in Shopify , allowing keeping Pagerank.
    Preserve Order IDs on Target Store: This will help to preserve your old Order IDs for easier reference

3dcart to shopify migration tool 2

2.3. Migration
After the migration is completed, click on “Clear Cache and ReIndex Data” to finish.


That’s all about migration process which can be carried out yourselves. Technical knowledge and skills are not necessary to use LitExtension shopping cart migration tools. Hope that with this detailed guide and attached video, online store owners don’t hesitate to try our live demo and decide to use our 3dCart to Shopify migration tool – optimized solution for your online business.

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If you have any question, please feel free Contact us for more support.